We offer custom tailored all-round architectural and design services when it comes to educational and public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, nurseries, universities, libraries, etc. We have an extended team of engineers that ensures our projects' feasibility. Interestingly enough, we are also very good at designing processes and we use this to empower your learning community and space. What defines all our services is our care—we do not have customers, we have missions.

  • Strategic design

    We help you set goals for your learning community and envision the types of spaces that would allow you to achieve them. We help you plan constructions and renovations, as well as the process that would allow your whole learning community to be involved with the project.

  • Brief (re)Definition

    We design a process to help you and your learning community define your needs in terms of space; we synthesize and prioritize them into a design brief that you can use as an initial starting point of a project or a competition. In the process, we introduce you to the most current practices in educational space design and together we mix and match the final brief based on your needs.

  • Educational space analysis

    We come to your space and use the design thinking methodology to observe how it helps or blocks the learning methodology. We summarize the analysis in a visual form with recommendations on the necessary changes that would enable you to upgrade elements of the space depending on the set budget.

  • Building design and approval

    We design buildings from scratch. We lead you through all the stages of the project - Concept, Design development, Construction detailing and Design supervision. Our extended team of engineers allows us to fully develop the project for approval for building permit. Our primary concern during this process is to make sure your interest is protected and the design does not suffer, which often happens as the project progresses towards construction

  • Reconstructions and interior design of educational spaces

    We deal with difficult reconstructions of educational spaces on a daily basis. We are not afraid to demolish walls, create new technical installations and evеn approve new evacuation and fire safety plans where needed. We are very familiar with the difficulty when it comes to educational spaces. We also take care of the important details - colors, materials, furniture, educational tech and equipment.

  • Discovery and ideation workshops

    We plan and lead workshops through the different stages of the design to ensure that the whole learning community understands and influences the design. Our background as design thinking coaches gives us the expertise and freedom to use instruments for co-creation and innovative solutions; the final effect is massive engagement and better overall process and design.

  • Presentations and talks

    Part of our mission is to spread the knowledge of how space design can radically influence teaching methodology. We give talks that inspire learning communities to enact change not just in their teaching environment but even in the way they perceive education.

  • Outdoor design for education spaces

    We are interested in exploring how education can happen outdoors, in more informal spaces powered by nature. Classrooms out in the open, educational installations for physical activity—you name it, we design it.

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