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lusio helps people experience and express their best selves through physical space. Our approach is human-centered, interdisciplinary and based on co-creation.

What does that mean?

lusio excels in the design of spaces with greater public impact: schools, universities, kindergartens, creative offices, coworking spaces, squares, playgrounds, shelters, parks.

lusio also designs installations, interior elements, loves writing toolkits, articles, giving lectures, giving advice to people as well as other fellow designers.

What’s lusio like?

We are optimistic all the way: we believe in the human capacity to be better no matter what. We tackle even difficult challenges with smiles on our faces. We love to be active, we love having fun and involving others in our creative sprints.
Our curiosity makes us an open system: we come with questions, not with answers. We dig deeper to discover unmet needs.

We value efficiency in the design process and we respect ours and our clients’ time.

We are energized by people who are truly motivated and willing to change their environment in a meaningful way, understanding that this process takes more time and active effort.